Digital Performance Management

Higher conversions, faster releases & simpler operations - Excel Digital Performance Management with Dynatrace

Provice Customer Intelligence Platform

Power your digital transformation

Process Modelling

Build a unique structure of hierarchical process model to form your entire process architecture with QPR

Smart Data Solutions

Discover your business and bring analysis to everyone with ease by Qlik

Dynatrace Perform is coming to Europe

Perform is the largest peer-to-peer digital performance management event in the world. 
We have some great news for you – Perform is coming to Europe.

GDPR challenge webinar on 25th of January

Take the GDPR as an opportunity! 
Join our Partners' OnMark and Celebrus GDPR webinar, Thursday 25th January 2018., 4.00pm CET.

Perform 2018 - Dynatrace looks to AI for performance management edge

Dynatrace is focusing on taking real-time performance management to a whole new level. Read cbronline's article about Perform 2018, Las Vegas.

#GO DIGITAL - Winter Edition - 2018

We bring you the hottest topics again: a GDPR webinar, an Acid test for your data integration strategy, and the top 3 retail banking trends for 2018. 

Digital Business Excellence

Why choose us?

Why choose us
  • committed to evangelize digital business
  • partner in exceling corporate performance
  • do care about your business
  • regional provider of state of the art technologies and solutions
  • experienced professionals
  • interested in building success stories


Case Study

Digital Banking Performance

How to modernise your Digital Banking Analytics and improve customer experience?

If you are interested in digital banking performance, check out the best practices of digital performance masters and download the e-book now.

The Dynatrace - American Fidelity Assurance Company story

Hear from Gary Carr, specialist software architect on how Dynatrace enabled his team to share information with other groups outside of IT. 

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