Qlik have introduced Sense Enterprise 3.0.

Qlik introduced its latest platform-based approach to business intelligence (BI) and analytics, known as Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.0, which will be available in June 2016. Running on the patented QIX Associative Indexing Engine, Enterprise 3.0 facilitates the widest range of BI use cases from a single platform.

Qlik Sense is a scalable solution that fulfils requirements of individuals, groups, organizations, and developers while providing adequate governance and security. Organisations are now capable of functioning in a data-driven manner. This solution has helped Qlik back IT with more effective auditing, configuration, and governance for broad multi-geography deployments.

New user interface improvements in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) provide easy configuration options for content and resources that drive quicker deployments, and proper use of apps, objects, and data. Qlik Sense Enterprise is also now available in Korean, Polish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.


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