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It was back in early May, at our Qonnections 2016 event that Anthony Deighton, our CTO and SVP Products first previewed a number of exciting new announcements to our visual analytics platform.  And in true Hollywood style, my friend Mike Tarallo then decided to add to the suspense with this teaser trailer.  Well I’m now excited to be able to announce that we have now delivered on the first batch of these innovations with the general availability of Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.0, new Qlik Connectors, the release of NPrinting 17.1 and new topical packages for Qlik DataMarket.  Let me remind you of each:

Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.0

Our major release for Qlik Sense Enterprise in 2016, 3.0 offers a whole range of new capabilities including new visual search, bi-directional language support, time aware charts, new widgets, on-demand app generation, automatic geo-coding and of course visual data preparation.  As an added bonus, QlikView 12 customers will now be able to gain access to their QlikView apps from the Qlik Sense 3.0 hub.

There is a lot to be excited about but personally I find the new visual search particularly cool as it allows users to now search across all of their charts as well as their data, for example search for “Sales” to find all charts which have sales included in them.  And of course, if you were at Qonnections 2016 it’s hard to forget that great demo of our new Visual Data Preparation capabilities, our new method of joining data together which intends to make data modeling more accessible to users who don’t even know what data modeling is!  Each table is represented as a circle which floats on the screen which is why you might hear some folks talk about this feature as “bubbles”, although I never called it that! 

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Source: By James Fisher on Qlik blog

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