The New Face of Finances – 18th Fintech Forum in Sofia

Provice Informatika will attend the event for the 3rd time, and present Dynatrace APM solutions to the audience. 

The digital transformation of financial institutions is a topic that is being actively discussed in the last 2-3 years. According to leading experts, over the next 20 years we will see how "analogue" banks will gradually become "digital" financial institutions.
The behavior and the customer expectations, that have been changed as a result of the modern digital technology, are among the leading factors for the digitalization of the financial business. Famous brands in the financial sector are already making significant efforts to make their services most convenient for the users who expect more personalized and relevant offers across all channels of interaction, including mobile devices and social networks, and with a high degree of reliability and security of the service. In addition, the modern technologies as Big Data, social engineering and mobile applications, together with the build of a culture in which digital technologies are part of the job of every employee, are crucial for a successful digital transformation.

The banks have long ago realized that digitalization in this business requires changes and ICT Media for the 18th  consecutive year will be the mediator for a competent dialogue between financial institutions and technological companies how this can happen more easily and efficiently.

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