Finance Tech Forum Sofia - XX Jubilee Edition

Dynatrace is one of the General Partners of XX Jubilee Finance Tech Forum



The 20th jubilee edition of the Financial Tech Forum will be held in a period of adaptation of the European financial institutions to the era of digitalisation and rapidly changing global society. Technologies have huge potential and are method for increasing the quality of the financial services which is the reason why there are huge investments in this direction. More and more financial institutions are oriented towards changing the overall business model towards modernisation, implementation of contemporary technological models (such as blockchain, chatbot, artificial intelligence, machine learning) and striving to respond to changing consumer habits in the every day transforming digital environment. 

What is the impact of the new trends on the financial institutions in Bulgaria? Do they undertake to meet regulatory and consumer requirements? Which are the current challenges for Bulgarian banks, insurance and pension insurance companies, fintech companies? Are the financial institutions oriented towards putting the consumers at the center and focusing the company's strategy to provide comfort to their clients? What are the most recent projects implemented in the Bulgarian financial organizations? These are just few of the issues we will find together in the 20th anniversary edition of the Finance Tech Forum. 

Over the years the conference has been held with the traditional support of the Financial Supervision Commission, the Association of Banks in Bulgaria, the Association of Bulgarian Insurance Companies, the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies. In 2018 invitation has also been sent to the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria.

Who will attend the conference?
The event targets the representatives of banking and non-banking financial sector: banks, insurance companies, pension insurance companies, regulators, payment operators, financial brokers, microcredit financial companies, including online consulting firms, leasing houses, associations, the government and others. In 2017 the event was attended by senior executives (CEO, COO, CFO, board members), CIOs, heads of departments, project leaders, IT and Security experts, auditors, business analysts, consultants, experts in payment systems.

Join our experts' presentations: 

10:10 Digital and Cloud Pressure – Redefining Monitoring. Ricardo Fontes, Regional Director, Dynatrace

14:40 High Performing Organizations - the Key to Successful Digital Transformation. Martin Kulov, Dynatrace Country Manager

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