Coming soon: Qlik and Forbes Webinar

Why do 47% of executives report that they have yet to experience any benefit from BI in their business? Because all too often, analytics are sequestered behind a wall of data scientists.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Robust solutions like Qlik® allow you to empower your business users without sacrificing governance or security—and they’re changing the face of BI.
Join a discussion with Bruce Rogers, Forbes Chief Insights Officer, and Mike Saliter, VP of Global Industry Solutions at Qlik, to learn:
  • Which components you need if you want your BI to truly perform
  • How you can milk even more benefits from BI with a distributed model
  • How your peers handle data integrity, security, and other governance issues within a distributed model
Join us for How Leaders Harness Distributed Business Intelligence for Breakthrough Results.
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